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Naked Dance Bar in Kathmandu

The twinkle of light at ‘Blue Show Girl Dance Restaurant’ could easily be seen from ring road at Samakhusi. I secretly entered the restaurant stationed at second storey at 9 pm, Monday. Some teenager girls were seen engaged in facial make up at the side bars of the steeps up to the dance hall.

“Don’t you have a couple?” one of them attired in mini skirt and sleeveless poised a question at me.

I nodded head with negative clue then thronged into bar at hall. A naked girl was dancing at the stage with the song ‘hi sexy, hello sexy, que bole….’ while adolescent and some aged persons were applauding their hand in the tune of the drinks.

Mina, a waiter assigned to thrill the customers approached me for orders but with empty handed. After I asked for menu she came back to me after a while with a soaked menu paper. It was hard to see the described items in menu as the light was mostly focused on the stage. However, she helped me to go into it through torch. The cheapest items that could be available at the bar was coke that cost hundred rupees! (To note cost per bottle coke in market is Rs. 18)

I ordered the coke. While the waiter gospel into my ear of not allowing ordering items that cost less than four hundred rupees, I yielded to ask for ‘red bull’ juice at three hundred rupees which costs not more than 38 rupees in the market.

After a while another Hindi number aired as ‘Vege, hooth tere, pyasa dil mera….’ hit the ear and instantly a teenager boy with straight hair began to dance with girl, lavished with make up. No sooner the first two line of the song completed, the ‘hot’ dancer casted off the visible cloth that were hiding her sensitive organs along with the tune of the song. The boy after throwing away her bra and penty, moved round the girl picking her up and laid down her again. Then started sex dance-he left no space to kiss the bodily parts of the girl. Spectators supported the dance clapping their hands and whistle.

‘You are warmly welcome to sex exhibition in Kathmandu, Vege hooth is yet to complete’, boy said lifting the girl at her finger. The girl moved towards the audience row and sit at the lap of a man who seemed grandpa compared to her age.

All the youths with wine on their hand besieged her while she was bargaining for tips with grandpa. Fortunately, the grandpa handed her hundred rupees note and make her way back to the stage.

There were altogether 20-25 customer in the bar, but more are the girls in number. As the light were focused at the center stage it was really hard to notice what was going on at the corners. I was compelled to pretend as drunkard as the Bouncers there used to approach me at times with doubtful eyes.

Later I noticed the girl who earlier performed naked dance peeping through the sides of bar after changing her dresses. I gave her signal to come to me and not to surprise she did the same as I intended to cough up some realities from her about the scenario that I had seen. According to her all together eight girls and three boys were assigned to dance there. She added that the restaurant owned by noted film director Rose Rana and Manaraj Gurung has been performing only ‘sex dance’ for the last two years.

Most of the dancers are those who lost their hubbies during Maoist insurgency from the state and/or Maoists. Also single women betrayed by their husband and beloved are also there among the performers. Similarly girls between 13 and fifteen year are assigned there as “interns” on normal allowances.

अष्ट्रेलियामा नेपाली युवती यौन व्यवसाय

अष्ट्रेलियामा नेपाली युवती यौनव्यवसायमा लागेको आशंकामा नेपाली राजदूतावासले गम्भीरता देखाएको छ। अन्नपूर्णपोष्टका अनुसार अष्ट्रेलियाका लागि नेपाली राजदूत योगेन्द्र ढकालले परराष्ट्र्मन्त्रालयलाई पत्र लेखी त्यसबारे जानकारी गराएका छन्। उल्लेख्य संख्यामा अष्ट्रेलिया छिरेका नेपाली युवतीहरु पैसाको अभावमा यौनव्यवसायमा होमिएको पत्रमा उल्लेख गरिएको बुझिएको छ । अध्ययनका लागि भनेर गएका युवतीहरु आर्थिकमन्दीसंगै रोजगार गुमाउन थालेपछि वाध्य भएर यौनव्यवसायमा लाग्न पुगेको समाचारहरु बेला- बेलामा आइरहदा पछिल्लो समयमा राजदूतबाटै गम्भीर पत्र आएको हो

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